Oh, let’s go back to the start

When creating a piece of art work, whether it be performance art, culinary art or traditional hang-in-a-gallery art, it has to go through some sort of process to evolve into the piece you will end up publicising, right?

Upon a quick showing of what our group came up with so far, it was clear that we became caught up in the motion of everything. We became carried away with a small idea we had and create a lot around it. Some of it is useable if applied to other things, some is not. We were naive in what one of our plans could look like. The use of ‘heaven or hell’ based around the cathedral could be construed as being unoriginal or ‘base’. The idea could also be slightly antagonistic by using religion/heaven/hell, would people think we were preaching at them? Will they get offended by their religion being used in a ‘dark’ performative way?

So thinking on this, we decided to go back to basics, to go back to our idea, from which this idea steams from, back to the war time.

The list of seemingly never ending question

Will we be able to get our equipment?

Will we be able to learn how to use it correctly, quickly?

Will it work on the day?

Is it too tech heavy?

Will people want to take part?

Are we over thing this project?

Are we under thinking it?

Will it complete within the time frame?

Will the ideas come together?

Does simple mean basic?

Is that bad?

Why do our ideas constantly change?

Is that okay?

Nothing is set in stone yet, right?