1. Liminal Spaces

Patrice Pavis refers to site specific performance as “a place in the real world” (Pavis, 1998, 337-338), an idea that we explored in our first lesson. Using the medium of a “subtle mob”, we were asked to follow a list of instructions to help us engage with the space outside of the Performing Arts Centre. By using movements and actions that would appear natural and ordinary to our audience of passer bys, such as walking, taking photographs, looking around, we were able to play with the idea of what a performance is or could be. This liminal space, a space “inbetween” that many people passed through and by, was an effective way for us to explore this new way of performing outside many of our comfort grounds. We later discussed the difference between a performance that can be generically moved, like the subtle mob, and a performance specific to a particular location, such as up Steep Hill. Whilst at first daunting, I am now excited to begin creating a new kind of performance.

Pavis, P. (1998) Dictionary of the Theatre: Terms, Concepts, and Analysis. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.