Stephan Koplowitz

Stephan Koplowitz is an amazing artist, as well as an award winning director, choreographer and media artist who works specifically on projects to do with site specific work.

“His site work aims to alter people’s perspectives of place, site, and scale, all infused with a sense of human condition” Koplowitz, S. (1991) Stephan Koplowitz Projects. [online] State of Illinois: Available from: [Accessed 1 February 2015]

Koplowitz has been working on a project from 2004 named the ‘Grand Step Project’ which is still ongoing to this date. This project specifically focuses on bringing art, dance, and music out of the theatre and onto the street for a different kind of audience to see. It aims to try and integrate a different kind of audience to view theatre, to create different views on theatre.

This project paused people through their everyday lives, it made them stop and think about what they were seeing, to think about the movements, the sounds, everything that’s going on around them while this 30 minute performance is occurring. At first the project happened in 6 different stairwells in New York City and then it toured across different places broadening the different cultures that were received in each society that were reached.

Here is the performance: Lemberger, J. (2004) Grand Step Project (2004 – ongoing) [online] Available from: [Accessed 1February 2015]

Take a look guys x

The Imagination

The first lesson of site specific as a whole opened my eyes to not only my own but others imaginations, how one persons perspective can change in an instance when seeing how another person views certain buildings, people, instructions, etc.

When you walk you walk in your own way, with a unique quality which helps represent who you are but also how you are feeling at that point. If you take a minute to observe others as they walk, look at their shoulders, their facial expressions, the speed in which they walk or how long their strides are, even what they are carrying you can create a story or an interpretation as to what they are thinking and feeling at that moment in time. Look at the surroundings. Is it dark? Are you outside? Will these surroundings have an effect on how someone is feeling?

Take a minute to step into their shoes and feel how they feel, be in their ‘site’ that they are in and you will start to understand the difference between how one person feels and how you feel. Open up and explore the differences to extend the paths that you can take in different sites.