CCTV ‘Ballet’

Week starting 23rd March

We have decided after our meeting/ presentation with Conan that we would try to get some CCTV footage of the Castle Square, from the camera situated on the corner of the Magna Carter so we could have it on one of the iPads we will be using.

Our group created a piece of theatre and performed it to a CCTV camera for 30 minutes. Rachel gave us the idea to do this and called it a ‘CCTV Ballet’, we also took some inspiration from a group Surveillance Players who have done a lot of CCTV performances, their performances/ protests focus on political issues and say that “The surveillance camera Players are not watching you. They are watching the cameras, because we have forgotten to.” (Surveillance Camera Players, 2006) We are using their ideas of performing to the camera to create awareness of CCTV cameras and how they are constantly watching us.

We then thought that it would be interesting to walk in any direction across, through Castle Square, Tania still being the constant and following wherever the CCTV camera pointed next. Instead of walking away we decided that we would all stand in a line facing the camera, count down from 10 then disband in different directions and repeat this where ever the camera moved to again.


I personally found it really interesting and actually quite enjoyable, we were all quite apprehensive and nervous at first but then after the first 5 minutes we were all enjoying ourselves. It was really interesting to see people’s reactions to what we were doing, passers-by were confused, and some were interested in what we were doing which was good because they stayed to watch, also workers were giving us odd looks as we moved around the square.

To get the CCTV footage we’ve had to do some research around how to retrieve it and who to contact. We have may have to make a Freedom of Information Act request or we may be able to get the footage through Lincoln City Council.

GOV (2015) Make a Freedom of Information Request. [online] United Kingdom: GOV. Available from [Accessed on 28 March 2015]

Surveillance Camera Players (2006) 1984 [online video] Available from [Accessed 10 April 2015]


Here’s a link to my flickr for more pictures

Lets back track to 9th of March

Weeks starting 9th of March

After scrapping the idea of a Ghost Walk we came up with a new idea based around CCTV cameras specifically the one on the corner of the Magna Carter. We thought that it would be interesting to look at people and how they crossed the space, thinking about why they were there, where they were going or coming from and how they actually crossed the space.

We decided to base and call the piece after something a group member heard on one of our Site Specific lessons as we were walking in a large group. The passer-by said “Nothing happens here apart from us”. We wanted to capture ‘us’ so we decided that an interesting way to do that would be to use time lapse photography and turn them into videos, by doing this we could show our subject (everyday people) happen slowly, yet when put into a time lapse video creates a smooth impression of motion. A subject that changes quickly is transformed into rush of activity.


Taking time lapses from these 4 directions will hopefully allow us to capture different angles of activity in the square. We are also thinking about having a live feed for the actual performance and having a laptop stationed in one of the Magna Carter pubs windows, so audience members can come and see a time lapse video that is happening at that moment or we are also thinking about having one of us wear a GoPro that could follow different people around the square. Alongside this we will have 2 people in the square holding iPads that will be showing the time lapses we have taken and the other 3 people will be moving around the square following people as they cross or will be wearing a GoPro doing the same thing.

We also had an idea of recording voices to layer over the time lapse videos which would give the videos more of a purpose and depth, we would do this by having headphones connected to the iPads so the audience could come to watch and listen.