Seeing as site specific can also be altered by time as well as the place, I decided to explore the site at nighttime to see if anything in the site changes.

As you would expect, many aspects of the site changes at this time such as the Cathedral is much brighter as it is lit up

Here are the pictures I took that night: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk4Z6mP6

Two pictures that stood out to me are: 1) The picture showing the Cathedral from the furthest point up the hill that you could see it from and 2) The “Secret Pathway” that our tutor showed us a few days before during lesson

These two stood out to me because they are both rather striking and both taken from the same standing point (just 180 degrees in different directions) show that things can be different depending which way you look at it

Mapping the Area

In our third site lesson, we were given more freedom to explore and interact with the site on our own. We had to create an “unusual” map of an area and lead our classmates on a misguided tour.

For the map, my friend Charlie and I decided to create a map of texture rubbings from different buildings all around the site. we did this because everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences these places differently but, when you get down to it, these places are more similar than you think :‘To see the city from one’s bed, from one’s bath, from one’s rooftop – how perfect to live in a city.’ (Etchells, 1999, 76-80)

We then had to create and lead our class on a misguided tour and a small area of our site. Charlie and myself decided to be historical researchers doing a tour of a well where, in the nineteenth century, a killer used the well to hide bodies. we told the class that the memorial next to the well had the names of all the victims that the police found on  it. ‘Playing always to the different histories written in urban space – the official historical, the personal, the mythical and the imaginary.’ (Etchells, 1999, 76-80)

While taking part in these activities, ideas began to form in my head about what i could do for my site performance. hopefully soon they will be more solid.

Seeing the Site

In our recent lesson, we got to see the site(s) we will be performing on and got told some of the background for the site(s). While we walked around, we learnt more about ideas we could use in our performances. Many people began to piece together what they wanted their own performances to look like.
I, myself, have found some points of interest that have intrigued me.
I haven’t got a fully fledged idea in mind yet, but the pieces are coming together and I hopefully will soon.

This sphere in the secret garden caught my eye Thought this could be used in some way

This sphere in the secret garden caught my eye
Thought this could be used in some way


First Experience

In our first lesson of Site Specific, we were introduced to what Site entails and some of the performance types that are included in the category “Site Specific”.
We all took part in what is known as a “Subtle Mob” which is like a Flash Mob but, where a Flash Mob is big, bright and noticeable, a Subtle Mob is often unnoticed by many of its “audience”. We followed a list of instructions such as look at the sky, take a photograph, copy a strangers walk etc.
This allowed us to get a beginners understanding of how Site Specific works because, if we had followed these instructions anywhere else, the end result would have been different depending on which location we chose.