Seeing as site specific can also be altered by time as well as the place, I decided to explore the site at nighttime to see if anything in the site changes.

As you would expect, many aspects of the site changes at this time such as the Cathedral is much brighter as it is lit up

Here are the pictures I took that night: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk4Z6mP6

Two pictures that stood out to me are: 1) The picture showing the Cathedral from the furthest point up the hill that you could see it from and 2) The “Secret Pathway” that our tutor showed us a few days before during lesson

These two stood out to me because they are both rather striking and both taken from the same standing point (just 180 degrees in different directions) show that things can be different depending which way you look at it

One thought on “Overtime

  1. Hi George – I cant get your embedded links to work, can you check if they need fixing?

    Have you managed to gather anything from your nighttime exploration that is useful to your piece? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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