What were we thinking?

Our groups original idea for the audio walk was to have people start in front of the cathedral look at Exchequer Gate. Then, we would walk them through the middle arch which we had called the “Life Arch”. We would then split them into two groups and then lead them back through the other two arch ways which we had decided to call the “Heaven Arch” and the “Hell Arch”. We would have then given the “heaven” and “hell” groups two different variations of the audio for them to listen to while they walk around the cathedral and end up at the Tennyson monument (The “hell” group going around to the left of the cathedral and the “heaven” group going to the right). Another way in which the two groups would have differed from each other was that the “heaven” group would listen to soothing sounds such as hymns, bird songs etc. We also chose for them to circle around the cathedral to the right because that is where it is possible to see the sun as the cathedral is not blocking it, therefore they would have sun light shining down on them. Whereas, with the “hell” group, we wanted them to have to focus slightly more on the audio of the audio walk. We had planned on giving them a large blindfold to put on as they walked around the cathedral. We would then make them listen to no so nice sounds like fire crackling in the background, distant screams, angry voices etc. However, when we explained to our tutor what our plan was, she told us that she believed that we were spreading ourselves a little bit too thin with the amount of ideas that we had brought forward. She also mentioned that it was possible that some of our audience members might get the wrong idea by our concept of giving people a black ‘veil’ to wear while they were walking with the “hell” group. We, of course, decided to have a rethink of what we wanted our performance to be.

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