Editing the Audio

I never realised how hard it was to make something sound natural. As i am in charge of the audio for the walk, it is my job to make sure that all of it sounds natural and flows seamlessly. One of the major problems that I faced while recording/editing the audio was the wind. Because whenever we recorded the audio it was always very windy in Lincoln, the microphone easily picked it up. I did not realise until i was editing the recording just how disruptive the wind was being. I ended up having to cut out the really bad spikes of wind and just try to make the audio sound natural without it. another problem that occurred during the editing stage was creating the final earthquake sound. What ever i did and where ever i looked, I could not find an earthquake sound effect grand enough to finish our audio piece, and the ones that were grand enough did not turn out well coming out of headphones. In the end, I had to take audio of different natural disasters (A volcano, a forest fire, a tornado and a landslide) and mix them together to try and make a convincing earthquake sound effect. I also had problems with the earlier rumbles. When editing, i had to add in some rumble sounds to build up to the end earthquake sound and have more of an impact. However, even though while editing, I was able to clearly hear the rumble effects, when I sent it to the rest of the group,they told me that they could not hear any of them. We decided this was because of the fact that the sound effect sounded a little like wind in the background. I could hear them fine because i could see where they were and knew when to expect them whereas the others did not. To fix this problem, all I had to do was turn the volume of the rumbles up to higher than I believed necessary and everything was fine.

In the end, I am very happy with the way the audio has turned out and hope that everyone that comes to our show thinks the same. I have attached the audio so that people can have a listen.

Finished Audio

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