8. Being Creative

This week our performance idea has gone through several changes. After showing Rachel a small piece of what our performance might be, we have realised we need to make some adjustments and changes. We now want to be creative with our site, such as using bunting, chalk drawings and messages to have our audience interact with the Cathedral and show their perceptions in a more literal sense. We want our performance to have a very freeing and playful sense to it, showing a comparison of adult and child through audio interviews. Rachel suggested having our performance come full circle, with the beginning meeting and introduction in the grass area being slightly altered at the end. She also informed us of having our audio instructions much more detailed than we originally thought. We have looked at other audio based site specific performanes, such as Robert Wilson’s Walking, which captures the immersive audience experience that we want to incorporate in our piece.

(Dewachi, 2012)

Mike Pearson says “there is no privilege of origin: a place owes its character not only to the experiences it affords as sights, sounds, etc. but also to what is done there as looking, listening, moving. Both “being” and environment are mutually emergent, continuously brought into existence together. And here performance might represent a place of work or special moment within landscape…” (Pearson, 2010, 16). I feel this is an important quote for us to have in the back of our minds as we continue on, and though we still have a long way to go in putting our piece together, our initial stages so far have been very productful and informative.
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Hydar Dewachi. (2012) Robert Wilson “Walking”. [Online Video]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ih4GddMc4. [Accessed: 18 April 2015].

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