Castle Where? Castle Square!

To get familiar with our new space we decided to do a number of tasks and subtlemobs in it. In particular we put into practice Mike Pearson’s Some Exercises Towards Relating Space, following these instructions allowed us to discover interesting and unique pinpoints of the area. We found ourselves particularly attracted to the CCTV camera that hangs over The Magna Carta pub. We spent a whole rehearsal analysing it and following its every move. We started to think deeper regarding the CCTV camera. We became intrigued with the way the camera moved and the angles it would record. From this we acknowledged four main points of Castle Square that the camera kept returning too. These were: the road going down steep hill, the area that covers the ground before the cathedral, the area that covers the ground before the entrance of the castle and upper steep hill. As the camera mainly tackled these areas, we believed that they must be significant to the space, therefore we made the decision to include these crucial placements into our performance.


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