Nothing Happens Here Apart From Us?

“Nothing happens here apart from us” an interesting quote that a group member overheard in Castle Square during our second week of Site Specific; this was something that had stuck in our minds from the beginning.

Developing the quote further we started to think of ideas about how we could present the space back to the audience. We wanted to show the audience how much the space is used by us all and to make them think- what would the space be without us?

The first thing to enable us to emerge further with this idea was to pick a space. After a lot of thought and consideration we believed that choosing a prime location was key. Studying and analysing the areas of Steep Hill enabled us to recognise its busiest locations. Choosing a busy location would allow us to present the space back to a bigger audience.

Castle Square appeared to be the most populated area, as it is central to some of Lincoln’s main attractions. Presenting our piece here will capture a larger audience.

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