Nothing Happens Here Apart From Us

After taking inspiration from the comment Charlie overheard during a workshop a few weeks ago- ‘nothing happens here apart from us’- and using ideas of documentation and pervasive media, my group and I have had a very positive week beginning to put together and experiment with our ideas and have decided to rather than create a performance in our chosen site, use our site as the performance. We are going to be heavily reliant on technology and gathering evidence over the next few weeks is crucial as ‘sometimes the performance will only exist through its documentation’[i].

As well as looking into companies who have used time, ‘layers’ of performance and accidental participants in their work, such as; ‘Uninvited Guests’ I have also looked into some photographers to see if any work generated new ideas for us as to how we can use photography to help communicate our message.

Attached are a few images that I think my group and I could look into further and experiment with creating our own versions of…

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[i] Lavery, C 2005, Teaching Performance Studies: 25 instructions for performance in citie.‘ Studies in Theatre and Performance, Vol. 25, No. 3, p 233.

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