Day 2: Blast Theory?

After our Seminar last Wednesday, exploring different performance art practioners, we were set a research based activity about one of the performers we were shown and to delve into their work more to analyze their work into more depth.  For this activity I chose Blast Theory, as when we first looked at their work in class, I was amazed at how simple but effective their technology based art was.  For example they made ordinary members of the public believe they were actually in a heist, by using 3 or 4 very simple parts of technology.  ‘Drawing on popular culture and games, the work often blurs the boundaries between the real and the fictional.’ (Blast Theory, 2015)  With evidence from the quote, I am interested in how companies like Blast theory can blur the real and fictional.  Thats the main inspiration I got from this activity, as I am interested with my site specific performance to really test the audience.  I have had ideas to imitate a real life worker in our site, and being so real that the audience believe I am actually employed.  Therefore I am always testing them to decide what is real and what is fictional within the realm of performance.

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