Final idea

As we were told that we should proceed with the idea of having the audio being centered around the earthquake, our group decided that we should do some research into the actual earthquake that happened in 1185. Unfortunately, when we went to the public library to search for any information, data or journal articles about the earthquake, we found next to nothing on the event. As it turned our, many documents from that time were destroyed shortly after the cathedral collapsed.

However, we did manage to find a letter that someone sent out to ask for any new information that people could offer in regards to the disaster. we decided that this would be good to use in our audio by having someone read it out loud in the audio after the earthquake had hit.

Some of us also decided to have a look down the high street past the cathedral to see where would be best to have the audio walk take place. After looking around, we decided that we would have the audio walk start at Newport Arch, follow the high street down to Castle Square and then go through Exchequer Gate and end in front of the cathedral.

When we spoke to our tutor about our idea, she thought it was a really good idea and encouraged us to carry on with our idea.

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