Forever Editing

Editing and editing the audio is such a gruelling task to do, the amount of times we’ve had to go back and listen over it because certain parts aren’t right or one person thinks one thing then another thinks something else. I agree that their should be subtlety’s within our audio, however, our build up was still coming cross too subtle, and I was afraid that people were not going to understand what was going on if these punches before the main event did not occur, or at least weren’t prominent enough within the piece. It was an excessive editing process especially as it was the day before our performance it did not make me feel confident until I heard the final piece and then I knew that it sounded better, when I closed my eyes I could imagine myself there, the noises within in and noticed myself turning to try ad see where they were coming from, so for me they worked.

The final event that had been built up to had been made louder and it was almost breath taking when you listened to it so intently, the grasp it had on you when the rumbles began was incredible. I took it upon myself to make sure that when in front of the Cathedral it had the same if not a bigger impact and I was amazed to feel how overcome I was with different emotions flocking me especially when hearing at the end the letter that had been written and read out asking for more information and therefore hitting the audience with the realisation of such a huge natural disaster that had happened such a long time ago and is not well known of today but destroyed such a powerful and big part of Lincoln to this day.

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