Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

It’s a daunting day dress rehearsal day, but we were prepared for what we were going to encounter. Once again we decided that we should go first so we met up steep hill and set out on our route listening to our audio, I was already slightly apprehensive as I still felt that when editing the audio the build up still wasn’t there enough, however once again we felt it necessary for that outside perspective to relay what we had been saying. I particularly wanted to see if Rachel would pick up on the additional sounds which had been added, I felt they made the piece a lot more realistic as their were parts which almost felt that people were right next to you where as other parts sounded in the distance.

Once Rachel had listened to it once again we met up to discuss her ideas, we were to rerecord the beginning and ending so as to make them sound smoother, as well as to make sure the pronunciation of ‘Derby’ was correct. We were also told to have a silence between the explanation at the start and then when the rest of the audio comes in, rather than creating a transition between them as a paused gives people time to think and digest what they believe to be going on. We thought it would also be best to do this at the end with the letter as well so that it gave our audience a slight pause before they heard the letter and were told what they had just listened to. Rachel found once again that she was waiting at the Cathedral for what she felt was too long and therefore gave us a couple of ideas, whether we would make the route bigger in some way or shorten the audio ever so slightly so that it would equal out when then put together.

We grouped back together and started to discuss the best way to go about our feedback. Sitting down and listening once again I found between 3 and 6 minutes not a lot happened and so it would probably be best just to take that chunk out, I looked into the idea of what Rachel had recommended about walking around Castle Square as well which I thought would work really well as it shows the area in which was destroyed due to the Earthquake and also places which linked into our audio and sound. I feel now we really need to go back and take each 30 seconds listening deeply if they build up in there own way.

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