18. The Dress Rehearsal

We spent the final weekend before the performance day recording the final audio (an example below is of the first audio piece), using the small changes Rachel had suggested to us. Though having to record the audio several times over this process has been difficult at times, we are all pleased with the final version of the audio, and finally have it at a place where it is ready to be released to our audience.

After collecting together all the coincidental moments that we needed for performance and deciding where we as performers would be placed, we prepared for the dress performance for our piece. Prior to Rachel’s visit, we placed all the coincidental moments around the site, such as confetti near the corner and a child’s book-bag on a bench, and made scallop shell “necklaces” for our audience to accept. Jess and I began the tour with an introductory welcome, with Rachel then walking the tour whereby Charlie would hand her a drink at the Tennyson statue and Fleur would take photos within Castle Square. Afterwards, Rachel gave us some positive feedback, as well as smaller details she suggested we look at if we have time, which we plan to do so.

Overall, I think our performance piece is finally ready to be shown to our audience in two days time, and I am incredibly proud of all our hard work and time that we have dedicated to this module. Inspired by Fortnight, I hope that “the personal nature of this audio walk, its solitary and embodied performance in the streets…creates an ever-expanding series of unique experiences in the city”. (Hui, 2001, 5)

Hui, Allison. (2011) Art as an everyday intervention: shifting times, places and mobilities in the pervasive media performance project “Fortnight”. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University.

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