Its A Time Capsule

One space may contain many different memories however who truly knows the depths of these memories and the history behind them .

We think about what we are doing now, and what we may have been doing in that place at a different time, or even somebody we know, what they may have done? Its a capsule of time. Every memory is overlapped by another, so what if you can walk across them all while being introduced to different aspects of each of them.

Audio walks can link many different paths, they may also make you think about the surrounding area in various ways however the crossing of different sounds through centuries, the idea behind having cars crossing yet then hearing a horse and carriage for the different means of travel. The bombs and shouting from battles going on to the messages given from those who used to travel across such an area of land. Each space has a way of remembering these moments through time.

Richard Long (Jackson, S) is a creative artist who looks at a landscape and takes art to a different level, he creates art by walking through landscapes, as well as photographing sculptures which are made along the walks. He then turns walks into text works. Each frame of art is transitioned into something else to create a different form, this style of art is extremely useful in creating a time capsule of events as if means you can create different artistic elements for different time periods on each landscape. Therefore a walk, sculpture and photographs could all lay upon one site yet they my all be showing different memories and time periods, meaning the audience has to think about different times and elements yet still in the same site.

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