Just to confirm!

On Thursday 16th April 2015 myself and my group met with a member of the secret gardens staff just to confirm that we were still ok to use the garden on our date and time we would like to do. We have been booked in and we are defiantly going ahead with our 9 until 5 working day.

We also asked if our idea was ok to be working with clay within the garden. We are allowed but we need to put down some protective plastic on the grass and we are responsible for asking people to keep the place tidy.

Our most up to date to-do list is:

  • Buy clothes for dress rehearsal.
  • Make salt dough.
  • Run the piece – dress rehearsal. (full day)
  • Keep running the piece for a couple of hours, within scheduled rehearsal time.
  • Set in stone our little introductions to each place.
  • Buy some protective plastic.
  • Keep promoting our piece.

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