In the last lesson we spoke about doing a route on heaven and hell; however Rachel advised us that it would be better to steer clear of this idea due to religious views etc. This allowed us to think clearly about what we really wanted to do our piece about and it made us look deeper into what we could focus on and what would draw the audience in. We headed into the cathedral for some inspiration and noticed a room which I personally have never seen before. This room was a war mayoral room which pushed our ideas towards something to do with the fact that Lincoln has a RAF base however there was not enough data on the RAF base to explore that idea. After looking into the RAF idea, we discovered that there had been an earthquake in Lincoln in 1882, which destroyed most of the Cathedral. We found that this would be an interesting thing to base our Site piece on and looked further into it. We started to work on the audio, finding bits of rumbles to put in, however we found that when recording up the hill, the wind would affect the sound.

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