11. The Audio

All of us knew the gravity and importance of what our audio said, especially now as it is the main focus of our performance. Thus, we spent hours today talking and writing up notes about what Fleur (our designated audio speaker) would say. Conan and Rachel had both stressed to us how descriptive and directional our audio needs to be, whilst also balanced with an informal and conversational tone that we want. We talked over the right way to say what we needed to convey to our audience, sometimes even trying to find a correct single word that we needed. Whilst this was sometimes challenging, I think it was the level of detail and attention that we had to have. We also worked out the kind of coincidences and moments that Conan suggested we had to make our piece playful, which now possibly include Barbie heads, a yellow arrow, cats cradle, bird noses and hot chocolate. Another development in the piece is the walk back to the beginning grass area, which we were concerned would be too long with just silence. We are thinking of using Shakespeare’s “All the worlds a stage…” speech from As You Like It, which we feel subtly represents the themes of journey and life in the rest of our performance. Similarly to Miwon Kwon beliefs, our performance has moved “from a physical location – grounded, fixed, actual – to a discursive vector – ungrounded, fluid, virtual” (Kwon, 2004, 3), hopefully allowing our audience to think more about the journey that have just gone on. We now need to test out this draft version of our audio in our site, hopefully using Rachel as a mock audience member. Once this is done, and we know any changes and alterations we need to make, we can record the audio properly and begin to market the piece to any potential audience members.

Kwon, M. (2004) One Place After Another. Cambridge: MIT Press.

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