History is certainly not boring!

Me and two other members of my group gathered at the Lincoln Central Library Archives to see what we could find on the 1185 earthquake of Lincoln. The people in there where more than happy to help and presented us with more than 10 things to helps us on our ‘quest’ for information.

We found that in several books there was only a line of information about the earthquake and generically read, in 1185 there was and earthquake that hit Lincoln and destroyed the very first Cathedral that stood there. But no more could be found.

After looking for a hour we came across a letter sent our by a man looking for more information on the earthquake and he had a date book which took us down various different routes and brought up some things of interest we are looking to use in our piece.

Me and the other two members stayed in the library for hours searching and found the experience very interesting and useful. we just now arranged a group meeting to share what we have found.

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