7. Interviewing the Locals

Our meeting with Rachel went very well, and I feel we are now ready to being testing out our performance idea. She gave us a deadline of Monday to create a draft version of our performance, using the local shopkeepers of the area to answer our questions about the site on an audio recording. The questions we asked were:

– What do you automatically think of when you see this picture? (for example, the headless statues)
– What do you know, if anything, about this picture?
– If nothing, how would you describe this to a tourist if you were conducting a tour?
– Do you know about any myths concerning the Cathedral?
– What do you know about Tennyson?

By conducting these “interviews”, we were able to gain the material that we needed, whilst also learning of the local perspective and ideas of our site. Mike Pearson experienced a similar understanding, stating “these differentiated places act as “containers” (of memories, stories and legends)” (Pearson, 2010, 55).

Pearson, M. (2010) Site-Specific Performance. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmilan.

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