First Initial Ideas

After we decided our groups, we got working on ideas.  The idea that all our group decided on was an audio walk on the mythology that surrounds the Cathedral.  For example we had an idea of calling it Creepy face and Cobwebs, as they were the main factors of the cathedral that we were exploring, as we were interested in uncovering the dark side of the Cathedrals history.  However we fount out that an outside company already includes our story in a Ghost Walk around the Cathedral three times, a week therefore we decided not to compete with an established product.

We changed our idea a couple of weeks later, as we are interested in looking at the space of Castle Square and how the public use it as its a very central spot.  Finally in these weeks we’ve been collecting and taking time lapse footage and photos of castle square that shows how people use it.  We plan to show Conan and the class this footage when we have to present our idea in a couple of weeks time.

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