After reading Urban adventure in Rotterdam I was fascinated by the idea of doing a performance with a focus on the ordinary things in life.This idea goes alongside with our plan to do an audio walk with the voices of children as they too recognise the excitement in things we may see as ordinary.So far our plan is to incorporate an audio walk with a map (drawn by a child) with numbered stops along the way for audience members to play a part of the podcast in which the child will talk about what they see (which we will have recorded from earlier). One of the stops around the cathedral is the statue of Alfred Lord Tennyson which has inspired us to incorporate poems into our walk as read out by a child, this we hope will inspire the participants to see different ways things can be interpreted; not just words but physical things such as status or engravings in the cathedral. One particular part of our walk where this will have emphasis is at the front of the cathedral an engraving that could be seen as quite sinister to an adult but we are hoping to a child it will be received very differently.

Urban Adventure in Rotterdam. (2013) [blog entry] 29 June. Available from [Accessed 2nd March 2015].

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