Day 3: First Time Drifting

The first time properly exploring our site was truly inspiring, to look at the massive diversity of the area we’re working was very interesting, as I was constantly trying to find unusual and unique parts of our site to generate performance ideas from.  With constantly taking pictures see,  and using my senses to capture the spirit of our site, I think I found a good starting point today when it comes to my site specific performance.  When I stated I used my senses to capture the spirit, I was referencing one specific example, as when we were drifting in a route devised by Rachel, I walked past an elderly man who quite simply said to me in passing, ‘Nothing happens here, apart from us’.

With inspiration from the quote, ‘The Interpretive instinct of the visitor is not denied, and meaning is not monopolized.  In Comes 1: Performance, Memory and Landscape (Pearson, 2006a) is structured as a number of excursions in my home region: guiding the reader, be they in an armchair or in the field, through a sequence of locales, pausing at each other for personal and critical reflection on themes related to, or evoked by, that place: mixing themes biographical, familial, topographical, archaeological.  A choreographic approach to the visitation of individuated places.’ (Pearson, 2010) I could understand especially reading that quote, that these historic places mean different meanings to everyone, from tourists to locals.  After today’s first visit, if I can explore the inner and outer beauty of the buildings we’re using for our site specific performance and try to create a fresh new meaning with regards to these old buildings, then I have achieved what I want to achieve.

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