3. Secret Places

Walking up Steep Hill and drifting around the Cathedral quarter of the city was a great experience, and I took many photos for documentation. The old history and nature of the area intertwines with the new to create a “timelessness” to the place, with its “never ending” paths and hidden doors making our walk feel like a real exploration and adventure. The Cathedral is clearly at the heart and height of the city, metaphorically and literally. As Phil Smith says, “the exploratory element of the drift is…to see as if for the first time all the things you already know” (Smith, 2010, 119), an idea that resonated with myself, having lived up Steep Hill last year. My favourite place to see was the secret garden and the rooftop nearby it, seeming to be both open and hidden to the world surrounding it. I feel these would be a perfect place to perform a piece of site-specific theatre, perhaps in relation to the Cathedral that towers next to them or using the idea of secrets.

The Cathedral from the garden.

The rooftop.

Smith, P. (2010) Mythogeography: A Guide to Walking Sideways. Devon: Triarchy Press

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