Test Run And Dress Rehearsal!

On Monday of this week, we believed our group were in a strong enough position with our site specific performance idea, to try out a test run of our idea.  After our first initial meeting last Wednesday after the Easter break, we feel that we’ve got a strong and united idea now to test out.  Our idea has evolved from before the Easter break, as we were going to have 2 people with the iPads and the Go Pros, with one person mirroring the CCTV camera doing a CCTV Ballet and the final person documenting the performance be taking photographs and notes, so it was like a 3 performances in 1 piece.

However we decided to develop and change this idea even more by scrapping the CCTV ballet and the final person documenting.  We developed our idea by now having 2 people mirror the CCTV with technology and 3 people mapping the members of the public. During our test run and dress rehearsal, this idea worked quite well and I got good practise in mapping and walking at the same time at a lot of different paces, its quite a skill to perfect.  But I did on on the final rehearsal we were confident we would emulate our success on the day, as we were well rehearsed, well communicated and organised to deliver a good investigation.

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