The Rain

Originally we thought doing site specific in the rain was a miserable affair. However, the weather forces people to do things differently and we found inspiration from today that we probably would not have found had we been outside. We decided to go into the cathedral to see what we could hear from people and their take on the cathedral. There was a family including two small children that we encountered more than once in our trip and we noticed something very interesting. Children’s perspectives on things are not only very different to an adults but their insight seems to provide much more excitement to a place. When we were in the Chapter House one of the children came running in loudly to the space unaware of the noise he was making and it opened our eyes to the world from a child’s perspective. This we thought could be a good idea for our performance; looking at a place from a child’s perspective. In order to gather information we aim to ask Children or young adults to tell us a story about the Cathedral, based on anything and we aim to take inspiration from this. We would like to do this as we believe the world can be seen as a playground through the eyes of a child and we would like people to consider this when visiting a new place, but also revisiting an old place with child-like eyes. The benefit of this would be that by viewing a site as a playground, people can step away from conventions such as walking on pavements where they could be missing small areas and sights that would be seen, say if they walked on the grass. Our aim is to encourage people to look past the norm the way that children do so naturally.

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve just made a comment hat may be applicable on one of Charlotte’s posts – take a look here

    You say the world “can be seen better through the eyes of a child” – I think I get what you are driving at but you will need to expand and support this statement in order for it not to be an assumptive and sweeping statement. What does ‘better’ mean in this instance?

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